Teacher Assistant of the Year

A little over a week ago, I had the honor and privilege to judge the Teacher Assistant of the Year. Being the son of a 40+ year veteran of the school system-this took on a whole new meaning for me.

When I arrived at Tramway Elementary for the competition, I was greeted by 9 Teacher Assistants.  Not only was I the only male, I was also the only non-teacher assistant as well.

No need to worry, I felt right at home.

We were all given one question to ask and were given the responsibility to grade each of the very deserving candidates answers.

My particular question was, “Why should you be Teacher Assistant of the Year?” Truth be known, they all deserved teacher assistant of the year.  In fact we have over 250 Teacher Assistants in Lee County. Each one serves as a support of the teachers that they are assigned to.

The one thing that really stuck out in my mind just how postitive these influences are on a daily basis. Many of the students that are served by our teachers and teacher assistants do not have a quality home life structure. Without this daily support from people that pour their heart and soul into their work, many of these kids would grow up in a environment free of love, discipline and care.

I hope that we all take time to recognize those who are helping to educate our children. It takes energy, it takes love and it take a lot of heart.  I respect this profession and I hope during this election season, when we are addressing education concerns that we take time out to appreciate those who are “behind the scenes.”

Next time you get a chance to visit with a teacher-don’t forget the Assistants. 

Thanks you Teacher Assistants!



One response to “Teacher Assistant of the Year

  1. Charles,
    Thanks for the support!

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