Time for a Skate Park in Sanford???

<Hometown Skate Park>

Another Pic of Hometown Skate Park

Last Monday I was a pallbearer for a dear family friend. While in my hometown, I rolled back the hands of time and went on a tour visting places that were such an intrigal part of my childhood. My travels brought me to my junior high school, where only one or two buildings remain of the mammoth structure that once was. The real surprise came when I drove behind the property  where I played baseball and football. The fields were still in the same condition that I left them back in the early ’80s. The big change however was at the tennis courts. The two courts had been converted to an unmanned skate park.

Skating is at its peak and it was refreshing to see a small community in Eastern, North Carolina make a progressive decision. I was very suprised at first but also had a sense of pride knowing that the same community I grew up in was adapting to changing times.

The North Carolina General Assembly in recent years has addressed Municipalities getting into the Skate Park business without the burden of liability that has strangled these projects in the past.  I am not advocating converting tennis courts that are currently being enjoyed by the tennis community.  I am interested in hearing what the thoughts are of the community in looking to  build a skate Park with a similar design that is pictured in this blog. Please share your thoughts…..


14 responses to “Time for a Skate Park in Sanford???

  1. I have a son who would absolutely love to see Sanford build a skate park – like most teenagers he has been ‘moved along’ by the local police when attempting to use public parking lots to skateboard. I agree with the actions of Sanford’s Finest – a parking lot is a pretty unsafe place to board. I for one would support a park like the one in your home town!

  2. Skate Parks, Sports Parks, Children’s Playgrounds, Greenways, Urban Greenspace… more parks in general, I’m all for it.

    The City of Sanford “got out of the Park Business” in the mid 1970’s and ceded control to the county, and as we’ve discussed a few times, that probably was a mistake.

    Sanford has existing parks, wonderful spaces with loads of potential… such as McIver Park, that could be developed into something really special with little effort.

    And we’ve got open lots, underutilized city property, etc… that could be developed into simple, yet effective parks that would make many neighborhoods more pedestrian and family friendly, not to mention attractive.

    It seems to me that the hardest part of building parks is acquiring the land, and we’ve got several examples already in hand throughout the city.

    The City of Sanford should re-evaluate its parks efforts and recognize the “investment potential” that exists. I think the return on investment is there.


  3. Anything that gives kids a place to have good, constructive fun and keep them off the streets and out of trouble is a positive thing.

    I’d like to also tag on to Al’s comments about parks in general. Sanford has some nice places to go for a relaxing place to sit, walk, or have a picnic (Depot Park, SanLee Park, and Kiwanis Park to name a few), but the more the better. I’d like to see more options for family friendly places to spend a nice afternoon and include more things for kids to do.

    I’d also love to see a dog park or a pet-friendly park — there is no place to take our pets to get some exercise and let them socialize with other pets without going outside Lee County. It would be a major plus for the city.


  4. Here here..I agree. I have been hoping for a skate park for some time. I drive my kid to FlowMoore to skate and he loves it. why pay my money to Moore County when it can be spent here in Lee.
    I have also looked into how much it would be to build one- more than I can handle but being a partner of some sort or helping to get it going would be great.
    There are tons of kids who love to skate and I for one remember doing it when we were young. So, for all those older people who look at skaters and cringe with disgust- remember we were once that age also and needed a place to hang out.
    Please Lee County and Sanford – pay some attention to your youth and give them some things to stay home for. A great high school would be great but so would some where to unwind with their friends.
    And parks are good draws for people moving..that is why Cary is so crowded.

    I’d also like a nice playground for our younger kids. If Camelot Park came about by many businesses chipping in and then Southern Pines Historic Area has an awesome playground..why can’t Sanford? They can – City council just needs to realize the importance of it and push some money through. They supposedly saved tons on the waste management – so push that money to build a park.


  5. Good idea. Kids need an outlet here.

    The Abundant Life Christian Center on Spring Lane has a skate park program in their parking lot each Sunday I think. Might be a good place to start.

  6. Well i want to say that it gets really annoying when you skate somewhere and people either yell at you or kick you off the property. People constantly say that they do not want someone to come and ruin their property, then why not make a skatepark so we dont? There are basicily no places to hang out in sanford and the idea of a skatepark would be very interesting for kids everywhere, it would keep us from getting into illegal acts, or things that bother you. If you dont want us to skate at private property then build a public one so we can!!

  7. Patrick Sessoms

    I agree with Jon we need a skate park for kids so
    I dont I get kicked out of places. SO PLEASE BUILD A SKATE PARK

  8. So Charles,

    Any input from the city council in general as to how they feel about doing some parks for the youth of Sanford. I mean they insist on putting tons of money into a losing golf course do you think they might put some money into the kids having something to do around here.
    Seems anything kid oriented either leaves – Imagination Station – what a loss for Sanford or deteriorates or is outdated – Kiwanis park for little kids. Other than that there is nothing for pre-teens or teens to do around this town.
    I wish they’d adress the skate park issue as there are tons of parents that would jump in and help if they got a building for the park to be in…
    See what you can do okay?

  9. Charles, Thank you so much for bringing this up. This was the big topic of conversation at our house this past weekend.

    My youngest step-son is 14 and several of his friends’ parents will allow their children to be dropped off at Riverbirch or Kendale and “risk it” if the police show up. We are just not willing to do that. It leads to a fight every time!

    I remember being a teenager in Sanford and wishing that I had somewhere to go and something to do, and that hasn’t changed at all! There is just nothing out there for this age group. A skate park would be a welcome addition to Sanford!

    Thanks again,

  10. It’s time for Sanford to have a skate park. Sanford is in real need of entertainment for this age group. Most of the “skate boarding kids” I know are fantastic kids. They just have a yearning to hang out with friends and show their “tricks”.We drive to Cary many weekends for skate boarding. We typically make this a “day out” for the entire family. Our day includes the skate board park, dining out, shopping and sometimes a movie. We know many families doing this. It would be great for all this money to be spent in Sanford!


  11. just ask the kids, do a poll at the schools. If anyone would know what would improve the community they sure can put an input on ideas. Yes, I know of a few skaters that would love it. Ice skating building would be great too, maybe in the old Zayres building. I hate to see these old buildings just fall down and sit empty

  12. Angela Sessoms

    Ya i think it is good that they put a skatepark in Sanford because it will help kids that love to skate

  13. It is a great thing for kids around town to have a skatepark in Sanford.

  14. heck yeah im in 4 it im sick and tired of having someone to tell me to put my sk8board down and move on w/ my life 4get em’ in sk8boardin you learn math how do you think the stuff got there im ALL IN!!!!!!

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