Issues At Hand

It has been a while since my last post. Basketball Season is over….finally.

My first four months on the City Council has been very rewarding on so many fronts. Recently, with the proposed Gracehouse facility, Ward #2 has been quite lively. I would like to hear from each and everyone of you. I am reminded everyday of the call to serve the residents of Sanford.

The only way we can improve on our level of service is to have your input.

In the next couple of months several projects that I am working towards will be presented. If you have anything that needs to be addressed please feel free to chime in.


One response to “Issues At Hand

  1. How about looking at ways to improve healthcare in the community. I was extremely disappointed in my visit to Central Carolina Hospital and upon further research found more disturbing issues about CCH. They are owned by Tenet, which as you know, has been in federal and state courts for overbilling, fraud, anti-trust and other regulatory violations. They are one of the highest charging hospitals in the state – meaning that the MRI I had done at CCH costs $2,000 but only $1,200 at Moore Regional? Go figure.

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