Even Family Members Are Entitled To An Opinion

I received a comment on the Take 5 that appeared in Saturday’s Paper. The comment  came in just before midnight on February 13th from the daughter of Linwood Mann, longtime Councilman from Ward #5 .


Take 5 was not the place for you to blow off steam!! Many of the councilmen are getting calls every day and doing something about the problems. I have seen many things being done positive in Sanford every day! Have you taken a survey on employees’ job records of how many are quitting per year?You moved here you must have liked it yourself! Who have you asked on the city council about there calls or anything else for that matter. I hope you are repreminded for this insult madness of yours!! You have no respect for your co-workers to have said what you did about the mayor and councilmen. How can you be respected yourself!! Are you trying to run for mayor? I’m not impressed with your showmanship as a councilman so far!

Feb 13, 11:41 PM

I hope that City Business is not keeping Ms. Porter awake….Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing!


6 responses to “Even Family Members Are Entitled To An Opinion

  1. Charles,

    It is good to see that your Blog is getting some hits now. It’s interesting that Councilman Mann’s Daughter wants to be so vocal on issues in the city. I am very impressed with your willingness to go the extra mile to let the public in on the inner workings of the city. We deserve visibility to all issues dealing with the city council especially since the people of Sanford are footing the bill. I guess it takes new blood on the council flush out the facts. I speak for all of the taxpayers when I say it’s high time we had someone on the city council working for us. Who knows we may get you and councilman Stone some more help in two years.

    Keep fighting for our city,

    Robby Westbrook

  2. Charles, I think that you have some good ideas. As a taxpayer, that pays my fair share of city and county taxes, I want my government leaders to be wise stewards of the public’s money. I think bidding out city services is, by far, the best way to obtain the best value for the money, as long as the city is sure that the bidders are bonded and competent. We have an attorney to make sure that there are no misunderstanings from a legal standpoint.

    I do think there are times when the city needs to spend money to make money. East Sanford needs attention badly. I like what Joni Martin has done around the railroad tracks, but we need to find a way to revitalize the homes futhur east of the railroad tracks. Maybe you can check out what other cities have done, or are doing, to improve run down parts of their towns & implement those ideas in Sanford. A nicer East Sanford will bring in more tax revenue and possibly help with crime as well.

    As far as ethics is concerned, I think it would be wise for all government employees and elected leaders not be allowed to accept any kind of gifts, free meals, etc. from any company doing business or wanting to do business with the city. I also think that any employee with the city that is in a position to affect obtaining services from the private sector should have in the employment contract a binding agreement that they would have to wait a couple of years after leaving their city job before they, or any member of their immediate family, can work for a company doing business with the city.

    Charles. As far as Mr. Mann is concerned, from what I know, he is an honorable person. I do think that you need to be a little more careful when you speak to the media. There may be some on the board that are not as honorable, but when you discuss things about the board as a whole with the media, you are using a broad brush.

    Keep up the good work!


    Jeff Cashion

  3. Charles, Another way to save the city money is to send just one member of the council with a camcorder to record the next convention. That member can also collect brochures and other litarature . The recorded trip and brochure can be passed to all the other council members. The council member can view the video and possibly discover things that can help Sanford. The city will save by not having to spend the money for mulitple councilmen to attend. The city could even put the taped convention on the internet so that other cities can see what’s available to them without spending one dime to attend.


    Jeff Cashion

  4. I agree Charles on your new input to the Council. I will say in broad strokes that it is high time the “good old boy” network comes to an end and it is great that you, Mike Stone and sometimes Joe Martin speak out with opinions that aren’t dictated by the Brewer machine.
    I like and respect that you are taking into account what the voters want that put you there – I mean really isn’t that why you all were voted in – to serve your voters?
    This city has been small town politics for so long that they do the same old same old with the “thats the way it has always been ” attitude all the time.
    Well the area is growing and with it come new problems that just can’t or shouldn’t be dealt with using that approach.
    Thanks for the freshness and I am sure as said above there will be some new help voted in to help you and Mike Stone out in the next election.

    Thanks for helping out so much over here in Historical Rosemount-McIver Park.

    tammy hebert

  5. Mr. Cashion,

    A nicer feel on Green Street where you have your rentals would be nice also. Do you think you might change out that door that the HPC said you had to do anytime soon ?

    Just wondering. As you said Joni Martin has done a lot in downtown so have many people in Rosemount-McIver park and it would be nice if you’d jump on board and do your share on your properties. Can’t leave it all up to the city..but then again I guess we can leave it up to them to fine those that don’t do what is required.
    Our fines for not doing what the HPC rules on is $100 a day.. That is a lot for not changing out a door. Just a thought.

  6. Ms. Hebert,

    Would you like to buy that property? I will gladly sell it to you for $60,000. That’s less than I have in the property. If you have a problem with me, please call my business #919-708-5585.

    For the public record, that door was kicked in by a previous tennant. I forgot about the historic rules when I had the door replaced with a new metal door. I am currently working out the problem with Mr. Montgomery. The City of Sanford has told me to remove a couple of old buildings in the back of the Green Street property. I have to wait until 4-28-08 for approval from the “Historic Commission”. I have spent between $10,000-$15,000 on that home since I purchased it from Mr. Campbell. I bought two other homes in East Sanford from Mr. Campbell, that I spent even more money to upgrade, just to have them destroyed by neighborhood druggies and former tennants. I have since sold those homes.

    Here’s a personal challenge, I will gladly compile a list of things I have done, and I’m in the process of doing, to improve the Sanford/Lee County Community & list them on this site, if you will compile a list of all the things you have done and are currently doing to help the Sanford/Lee County Community and post it/them on this site.


    Jeff Cashion

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